About Me

A very warm welcome to THE HANDMADE PASSION. I am a mother of 3 children. God has given me a great gift and that gift is a gift of passion in handmade. I was not a craft person at all. Few years back, I was still a Certified fitness trainer, training people in gym workouts and aerobics classes until I gave birth to my third child. I love my job very much and my children are always proud of having a fitness trainer mother. But I have to give it up for my child's sake, I want to care for them personally. Being a housewife is not an easy task. There are always lots of housework to be done besides taking care of the children. Sometimes it can get very stressful too.

Life is always full of ups and downs. I went through an event of excruciating pain, something that makes me almost give up on myself. I threw myself into despair and all I thought of was negative, nothing positive. Nevertheless, with the help and support from my family, especially from God.  I continue to pray and finally I stood up on my feet again. It was never ever easy to do it. Surprisingly I started to make handmade soaps, sourcing for techiques and instructions on the web and library. I told myself that if I want to make soaps, I want it to be a good one, one that is made from natural ingredients and free from chemicals. I started sourcing for the best ingredients that I can to make the soaps. It wasn't easy at all as I can only rely on the internet and books for instructions. After much attempt, I finallly get to make soaps that are free from chemicals and made from natural ingredients and I was happy with it.

It then daunted on me to make some other things. You know, when life gets real hard, your mind will be filled with ideas.  I believe God helps me through it again. He gave me a pair of hands that sew handmade crafts. I am a person without any sewing knowledge but surprisingly I could. I started to sew with Felt materials, making pincushions, felt food play, keychains, hair clips, hair bows, etc. Whenever I get a chance to sell my crafts at bazaar or fleas, people always commented that my crafts are nice and that makes me more motivated to do morre than that.
My latest crafts are fabrics bags and pouches. I never knew that I can produce such craftworks using handsewn and then machine sewn. I browse and learn sewing through the internet without any pratical guidance, but I can be sure that all my crafts are made with passion, efforts and care. And I believe that a little passion goes a long way.

I am grateful for having great children. My elder daughter has been helping me a lot too. She has always helped me in any bazaar or fleas event without any complains and she hopes that people would appreciate handmade crafts too.
I believe that with sincere hard work,  things will work out right. I have recently stopped selling my crafts as all the balance of my crafts have been donated to the missionary of Kenya to help raise funds for the people there. God has blessed me and given me more than what I have ever expected and I am truly contented. Thank you God.
Perseverances helped in making things possible. Together, with effort, hard work, care and PASSION, the end product will be beautiful.

A big Thank You to my customers who had previously purchased my handmade products.