Sunday, September 9, 2012

Socks puppets

Sock Puppets.
My first time making these few sock puppets for charity.

Cat sock puppet & Snake sock puppet

Snake sock puppet & Monster sock puppet

I made this pillowcase and bolster cae(Below) for my daughter Sally. I love the fabric design and she loves it too. Yummy delicious cupcakes and cookies and Gingerbread man too.

I made this for Sally's teachers as it is Teacher's Day in two days time. This design is big enough to keep an Iphone too. Made using 95mm metal kiss lock frame, Japanese fabrics with padding inside. The frame is being hand sewn to the fabric with contrasting colours embroidery floss. 

Fabric Bunny doll.
My first time making a bunny doll. I did my own template and was glad that it turns out fine. My girl likes it so much. Worth the effort and might be adding this as one of my handmade items.

Fabric Hair Scrunchies
These scrunchies are made with premium quality elastic inside to prevent it from snapping easily.

Thank you everyone for your kind support at the flea market at The Peranakan Museum. Although the wheather is sunny and I felt tired, I enjoyed myself there with people appreciating my handmade items. A special thank you to everyone that has purchased from me on that day.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Toddler's clothes

Toddler Blouse
This is the first time that I sew a blouse for my 4yr old daughter. So glad that it turns out great for her.