Custom Made Order

This coloumn features all the custom made orders from all my customers. Thank you for all your support. I have since stopped selling my crafts. All my remaining crafts has gone to donations for the people of Kenya. May God bless them abundantly.

This is a 3 in 1 roll. For storing 5 pencils, 1 staple and 1 correction tape. (Requested by Rui Jue)
Handphone pouch with separator (Requested by Rui Jue)

Coin pouch with long handle (Requested by Ada)
Padded zippered casing for Nook Touch. (Requested by Fathin)

Handphone pouch (Requested by Hui Wen)
Coin pouch (Requested by Anngie)
Handphone pouch. (Requested by Anngie)
Another pillow of passion with hand embriodery name on it. (Requested by Patricia)
Pencil case (Requested by Jiejun)
Rectangle Frame Purse (Requested by Rachael)
Pencil case (Requested by Anngie)
Rectangle Frame purse. (Requested by Farisah)
Customized pillow case with invisble zipper (Requested by Patricia)
The invisble zipper installed is hidden.

When it's unzipped.
Handphone Pouch for Samsung Galaxy SII (Requested by Cindy)
With fabric button and matching fabric handle.
Fabric Lining inside.
Drawstring Pouch (Requested by Cindy)
Inner lining of drawstring pouch
Pleated zipper pouch (Requested by CIndy)
Inner lining of zipper pouch.

Pillows of Passion with name handsewn on it (Requested by Patricia)
Blue for boy and Pink for the girl.

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