Gifts of Passion

In this page, I would like to share the gifts that I had made specially for friends and family. All my pillows will be named 'Pillows of Passion'

Hmm....nothing could be happier than to sew this pillow for my little girl. She loves it so much
Made this for my sister's birthday

Made this pillow for my husband's colleague daughter.

 I made this pillow specially for my nephew's birthday. This is a handsewn pillow with polyfiber fillings. It is my first time stitching alphabets on fabrics. I managed to stitch his name on the pillow to add a little special touch to the ordinary looking pillow. Filled with 100% Premium Polyfill.

Here goes another pillow that I made for my sister.
My sis named these 'Pillows of Passion'

Drawstring Pouch. I made this for myself. Good enough to keep my purse, handphone, keys and other necessities.

I made another two pillows of passion for two of my special friends, Giles and Eunice. The fabrics look simple, thus I embroidered their names to add a speical touch. Filled with 100% Premium Polyfill.

I made this bag for my little girl. Different colours of felt for exterior and fabric lining for interior. I added a little flower brooch to it too. She loves this bag very much.

This can be a goodie bag or a drawstring bag.
Made this for my sister to keep all her pens and pencils. A nice and simple one goes a long way.

I made this pencil case for a boy name Javier. He has been feeling down recently due to certain circumstances> I hope that this will cheer him up a little. I had hand embriodered his name on the pencil case with different colours, reminding him that his life can be as colourful too.

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