Thursday, July 14, 2011

Felt food play, Pincushions, Keychains, Brooches, Flowers.

All about Felt Fabrics.......In this column, you can find felt food play, pincushions, key chains, brooches, hair tie, hair clips and flowers made from felt. The Felt are made from Eco-fi felt fabric. Eco-fi felt are made from recycled plastic bottles. Save the earth with Eco-fi. The fills are from premium quality polyester fibre fills. These pincushions help to keep your needles and pins in place. Your young ones will definitely enjoy playing with the felt food play. All these are hand sewn.

Felt Hair Clips

Cupcake Key chains .

Cupcakes/Donuts pincushion/felt food play

Cupcakes with toppings Pincushion/felt food play

 A bigger version of cupcake pincushion. I was sewing away and didn't realise that this turn out to be a bigger cupcake compare to the others.
Mini Cupcake Pincushion. These are made using bottle cap, along with Eco-fi felt and other fabric.
Berries Design. These are pincushion, keychain and felt food toys for kids.
Citrus Design. Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit. These are pincushion, keychain and felt food toys for kids.

Tea time with felt cookies. These are key chains and felt food toys.
Felt Brooches with buttons design.
Bunches of flowers .
Button Bracelets

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